Clients of commissioned portraits include the following.

Chief Justice John Roberts,   Supreme Court of the United States
Justice Stephen Breyer,  Supreme Court of the United States

Senator Kelly Ayotte     (R-New Hampshire)
Senator Ted Cruz         (R-Texas) 
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen   (R- Florida)

Michael Mukasey         Attorney General of the United States  
Larry Thompson          Attorney General of the United States (Dep.)

Rich Cordray                Director of U.S. Consumer Protection Bureau

RIchard Taranto           U.S. Court of Appeals judge Federal Circuit
Michael McConnell       U.S. Court of Appeals judge 10th Circuit
Jeffrey Sutton               U.S. Court of Appeals judge 6th Circuit
Andy Hurwitz                U.S.  Court of Appeals judge 9th Circuit
Kent Cattani                 Judge, Arizona Court of Appeals

Solicitors General of the United States

Paul Clement 
Gregory Garre
Edward Kneedler
Ted Olson
Brad Reynolds           
Ken Starr 
Barbara Underwood
Seth Waxman
Neal Katyal  

Michael Chertoff          Secretary of Homeland Security

Christine Gregoire       Governor of Washington

Greg Abbott                Texas Attorney General
Thomas Casey            Michigan Attorney General 
George Chanos           Nevada Attorney General
Terry Goddard            Arizona Attorney General
Jim Hood                    Mississippi  Attorney General
Tom Horne                  Arizona Attorney General
Phil Kline                     Kansas Attorney General           
Bill Lockyer                 California Attorney General
Corey Maze                 Alabama Attorney General (Dep.)
Paula Bickett               Arizona Attorney General (Dep.) 
James Ho                   Texas Solicitor General
Stephen McAllister     Kansas Solicitor General

Dedman School of Law,   Southern Methodist University

Floyd Abrams
James Adduci III 
Donald Ayer 
Lisa Blatt
Dale Cendali
Ann Beeson
Graham Boyd
Quinn Denvir                          Attorneys
Jonathan Franklin 
Andrew Frey
Jeff Green
Alan Gura
Jameel Jaffer
Laurence Koerner
Abbe Lowell 
Deanne Maynard
Stephen McAllister
Carter Phillips
Jay Sekulow
Lawrence Tribe

Allan Carr,  Producer of the film Grease
Richmond Crinkley,   Director Beaumont Theater, Lincoln Center 
Cass Eliott,   Singer with The Mamas and the Papas
James Kirkwood,   Author of A Chorus Line
Ira Levin,  Author of Rosemary’s Baby
Norman Mailer,   Author of The Naked and the Dead
Mary McCarthy,   Author of The Group  
John Schlesinger,  Director of Midnight Cowboy

Derek Schmidt             Kansas Attorney General

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